I’m Baaaaaack!

Phew!  It’s been awhile.  I’ve been blogging on my class blog but this one got corrupted somehow and in my busyness I just never got it fixed.  But now it’s fixed!  I’m glad to be back and plan to use this to reflect on life, education, parenting, philosophy or whatever I feel like writing about!

I’m busy finishing my application to become an Apple Distinguished Educator right now so I’ll leave you with a photo from my five-week road trip last summer.   It was taken in Arches National Park, Utah.



Always Thinking and Learning about Reading

The thing about teaching is I never leave it behind.  I’m continually thinking about how to improve my practice.  About how to make school more relevant even though I’m struggling up stream against a current of “system”.


I’m only four days into summer holidays and I’m planning away in my mind.  I’m thinking a lot about language arts because I’m teaching English to grades 3-6 students who are in the French Immersion Programme.  I have to catch them up in terms of reading and spelling and support their writing.  Particularly for the grade 3s who have to write EQAO in English even though they have never had any instruction in English – I’ll leave that rant for another day.


My dilemma is how do I make teaching reading relevant?  Writing seems a bit easier since I’m going to introduce blogging to my classes.  I have the summer to set it up.

I plan to use the Daily Five and Daily Cafe routines set out by The 2 Sisters, Gail Moser Bouchey and Joan Moser.  I really like their routines and methods for individual conferencing and guided reading.  I will try to find interesting texts to read.  I have a great classroom library – full of books I’ve been collecting over the years.  I’m hoping to set up the routines so the students can work independently on reading, writing and word work with choice as to what they read, what they write about and when they work on specific tasks.  The thing is, I won’t have that much time with them.  The grade 3s will only have 40 minutes per day.  OY.  So – how to make a language class meaningful and relevant and include critical thinking and technology (I won’t have much access to technology actually, although I’m working on a plan).


So I need some help with the critical thinking, word work, real world connections, technology integration, etc.


Suggestions are very, very welcome.  Thanks in advance.

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I’m lucky to have some awesome summer PD opportunities.

First up is Math Camppp in Barrie.  A whole week of math in a beautiful setting.  To make it even better there are four other teachers from my region going.

Then there is Unplugd12.  I am excited beyond measure for this one.  I will be meeting some incredible educators.  People who are passionate about what they do.  People who are able to implement incredible ideas in their classrooms.

I’m starting to explore their blogs and I am amazed at what they have been doing.  I am thrilled to be learning from them and I am hopeful that I will implement some of the ideas they have used.