Philosophy of Parenting & Education

Everywhere we are ALL the same.

We all want to be LOVED and accepted

We all want to CREATE.

I learn by DOING

Don’t put me in a box and talk at me.

Let me talk, draw, sing, run

And most of all….PLAY

Share your ideas and dreams with me

I want to know what you are thinking

I mean really thinking

Not what the Powers that Be tell you to teach me.

Look at me.  Understand me.  I am NOT my test scores.

Allow me to be VULNERABLE and feel safe

So that I can create and innovate

I NEED to be free to be ME.


Help me to develop my EMPATHY

Don’t let my dream of changing the world die

Guide me to become a leader of CHANGE.

Take me to the FOREST and the SEASIDE,

Garden with me and watch the miracle or blooming flowers

Help me understand SUSTAINABILITY

I want and need the planet to live my life.

Please don’t make my education about money

My education is about becoming who I AM

My education is about finding my PASSION

I AM the director and you are MY teacher.

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